Domain name buying guide

Domain Transfer Methods

Authorization Code:

We will provide you the authorization code of domain,then you can transfer this domain to another registrar(Not the current).

The Steps To Transfer Domain Name to New Registrar:

1. Buyer send payment to us

2. We provide the authentication code to Buyer.

3. Buyer begin the domain transfer from the new registrar using the authorization code.

4. Buyer do not need to do anything, only wait for 6 days.

5. Domain Transferred to Buyer's new registrar account successfully.

6. Congratulations, you are the new owner of this domain.


Godaddy PUSH:

A “push” is when you transfer a domain within the same registrar from one account to another. It happens instantly and is by far the easiest way to transfer a domain. You don’t need to worry about authorization codes or complicated verification steps; the only requirement is that you keep the domain with the same registrar.

You should have an account at GoDaddy ,then you simply provide your GoDaddy account number and email address to us and we will push the domain into your account. You get an email from GoDaddy and simply accept the account change and the domain is instantly in your GoDaddy account.