Domain name buying guide

Why a Good Domain is Important

Why need to purchase a domain name instead of registering a domain name?

Since the birth of the first domain name in 1985, after decades of development, the value of a domain name is not as simple as a website url. A good domain name plays a vital role in marketing, product marketing, meteor upgrading, and corporate brand building. At the same time, with the development of the domain name investment industry, domain names have also become fast-value-added digital assets. In this case, the idea of obtaining a business or project domain name through a new registration as before is unrealistic. Because the valuable domain name has already been registered and collected. To get the ideal domain name, you often need to get the transaction from the domain name market. The importance of domain names to companies or projects has not been repeated, as examples of the costly and arbitrarily registered domain names have led to later heavy costs.

A good domain name, convenient for users to remember, good for website communication and product promotion.

A good domain name is concise, easy to remember, and consistent with the company name or brand name. Such a domain name will make the user remember deeply, attract more turn-around rate, and stimulate more potential customers. Such a good domain name, users can quickly remember, can easily enter the domain name when needed, quickly and accurately find your website, which not only effectively reduce traffic loss, but also increase the impact of the company, the website promotion will do more with less.

A good domain name, establish a corporate image and create brand value.

A domain name is more than just a simple website url. For a company with a long-term vision, choosing a good domain name is crucial for future marketing, product marketing, and corporate branding. A good domain name is a weapon for a company to gain a lasting advantage in market competition, and it is also a symbol of corporate strength. To establish a brand, domain protection is of paramount importance. Enterprises should carefully and comprehensively consider the choice of domain name, choose a suitable domain name, ensure that a good domain name does not fall into the hands of competitors, in order to avoid the malicious use of corporate domain names, affecting the brand image. In addition to the primary domain name, a forward-looking enterprise often holds multiple domain names and points to the website.

A good domain name, create brand trust and win the confidence of users.

One role of a domain name is the role of a banner, which is equivalent to the signboard of a website. A good domain name can help the website build brand trust and reflect strength. A good domain name can also help us to win the confidence of users, especially some high-price, decision-making businesses. Good domain names can show platform strength, even in users. The domain name has won the trust of the user before the visit. When doing business expansion, especially when sharing resources with partners, a good domain name can help us occupy a more favorable position in the negotiation and have a stronger resource appeal.

A good domain name, deterring competitors, forming barriers to competition, and attracting investment.

As a monopolistic non-renewable resource, a good domain name can form the most direct brand pressure for competitors, which is also a blow to confidence for potential opponents. At the same time, good domain names are more conducive to investors' favor when attracting investment. Buying a top-level domain name is a kind of sloppy attitude display. This is a hint that projects and companies with good domain names often have broader development space. Having a domain name with leadership qualities will form a long-term industry competitiveness.

Good domain name, fast value-added, has become an important intangible asset of the company.

Due to the uniqueness of domain name resources, good domain names become scarce resources. It not only represents the unique logo of the company on the network, but also the comprehensive manifestation of the company's products, services, image, goodwill, etc., and is an important part of the intangible assets of the enterprise. The value of a domain name will continue to increase as it becomes more influential. At the same time, domain names can also be used for trading, parking, financing, and even mortgages. In some parts of China, such as Shanghai, policies have been enacted to allow the use of domain name rights to fund, and the concept of domain names as assets has gradually been recognized. In fact, as the fastest-added asset, the domain name has been paid more and more attention. Giant Yahoo has sold domain names several times to get a lot of cash income.